ParticipACTION Alberta

June 23, 2021 | By


Alberta is blessed with mountains, hills, rivers, and other outdoor amenities, and its people aren’t shy when it comes to putting in the work. That’s why Alberta should set the goal of becoming the fittest province in Canada — and implement policies that help us get there, under a unifying brand like the widely recognized ParticipAction program.

The policies could include funding for bike paths and public parks, a greater emphasis on youth sports and local recreation, improved walkability in cities and towns, and interconnecting infrastructure for physical activity among urban and rural communities. The provincial government, municipal governments and private sector actors could all be involved. All of the measures should all have one goal in mind: improving and increasing our physical fitness through daily activity. The benefits to the healthcare system would be enormous, as would the return on investment, not to mention the benefits to Albertans in terms of their day-to-day happiness and well being.