It's Possible, Alberta

Possibility Summit recap

July 3, 2021 | By The Next 30

To everyone who attended the Possibility Summit – thank you! Your passion and efforts to learn, share and engage are what’s needed to create a better and brighter Alberta.

We recently shared with you the It’s Possible, Alberta report, which laid out a set of possibilities for Alberta’s future and … [Read More →]

It's Possible, Alberta

A New Report – It’s Possible, Alberta

June 25, 2021 | By The Next 30

Four months.
Nine sessions.
Thirty “Possibility Panelists”.

And thousands of Albertans like you sharing your ideas, your concerns, and your hopes for our province’s future. Those are the raw inputs that have helped produce the contents of the report, It’s Possible, Alberta, which we are pleased to share today.

The … [

The Possibility Summit

June 3, 2021 | By The Next 30

Over 2500 people participated in the public sessions with the Possibility Panel from January to March, jointly exploring important questions and themes about Alberta’s future. The Possibility Panel will now bring forward a series of great ideas based on what they heard. The Possibility Summit will be a chance to … [Read More →]