The Possibility Summit on Real Talk with Ryan Jespersen

June 25, 2021 | By The Ryan Jesperson Show

“Read them with honour. Read them with diligence. And bring them dignity,” says Possibility Panelist Laurie Buffalo of the TRC Calls to Action.

Laurie and fellow Possibility Panelists Brenda Barritt and Chad Park participated in a roundtable on Real Talk with Ryan Jespersen to talk about the Possibility Summit, walking … [Read More →]

The Next 30 Round Table on Real Talk with Ryan Jespersen

January 17, 2021 | By The Next 30

Real Talk with Ryan Jespersen hosted a Next 30 round table on January 15 with Possibility Panel Co-chair Chad Park and Possibility Panelists Salimah Kassam and Carman McNary to discuss The Next 30, what the Possibility Panel hopes to achieve, and why we are better when we are open to … [Read More →]