A New Report – It’s Possible, Alberta

It's Possible, Alberta

June 25, 2021 | By The Next 30

Four months.
Nine sessions.
Thirty “Possibility Panelists”.

And thousands of Albertans like you sharing your ideas, your concerns, and your hopes for our province’s future. Those are the raw inputs that have helped produce the contents of the report, It’s Possible, Alberta, which we are pleased to share today.

The report lays out a set of possibilities for Alberta’s future and 26 big ideas to help realize them, including:

  • A $20 per day childcare program
  • The TRC Challenge
  • A bold, public absolute emissions target – and a renewal of the Lougheed government’s Alberta Oil Sands Technology and Research Authority, AOSTRA 2.0
  • A new provincial licence plate
  • An Alberta Fiscal Commission

These are just a sample of the ideas contained in the report to build a better and brighter future for Alberta. Thank you to all of you who participated in our engagement sessions and shared your ideas for Alberta’s future.



We want to keep that conversation going. We are excited to share a digital engagement tool that invites members of the public to vote, share, comment, and add your own ideas. We’ll have more to say on this in the next few days, but you can get a first look at the online tool here and continue to help shape these ideas and share new ones.

If you haven’t already signed up, we hope you will join us at the Possibility Summit this Saturday, June 26 to discuss and further shape the ideas. This report will serve as the foundation for those deliberations. It is intended as a draft for discussion and a starting point for further engagement.

You can also tune into Real Talk with Ryan Jespersen this morning at 9 am for a roundtable discussion with Possibility Panelists on the ideas and what they mean for Alberta.

These ideas are not business as usual. But they are possible. And Alberta will need to recommit to a spirit of possibility to reach its full potential over the next 30 years and beyond. We hope that individuals, communities, and organizations across Alberta, including our elected officials at all levels, will use these ideas to advance a more positive and hopeful public dialogue about our future, and then help put the best of them into action.

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