Alberta Needs To Ask A Different Question

November 10, 2020 | By Emma May and Ted Kouri

When Premier Jason Kenney launched the Fair Deal Panel last November, many people wondered if it was asking the right questions. Now, with the Panel’s report released to the public, we have our answer.

Asking how Alberta can get a “fair deal” from the rest of Canada was always bound to elicit a certain set of ideas, and many of them were floated the moment the panel was launched. Now that the report is public, it’s clear that most of these ideas are about creating political leverage and a better negotiating position, rather than growing our economy and building a long-term vision for the future of our province. This is not a critique of the panelists, who had a challenging task. It is a critique of the narrow, combative focus that was signaled by the very questions posed when the panel launched.

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